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ANC Division (Anode and Cathode Drum)

Production system utilizing the original technology of
secondary cell copper foil (anode & cathode drum)

East Valley TNC/TN Tech possesses proprietary production technology for cathode drums,
a key system for secondary cell copper foil manufacturing.

Pure copper ultra thin foil (0.006㎜) is a key material in various 4th industrial era fields, including secondary cells for electric vehicles, semiconductors, ICT industry, etc.
As such, the demand for copper foil is on the rise. East Valley TNC/TN Tech is leading localization of anode & cathode drums, an area that
requires advanced technological processes and had previously relied heavily on foreign technology.

We aim to be a global provider of one-stop solutions for system manufacturing and customized consulting services through diligent R&D and investment efforts.

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    Description Specifics
    Diameter 600-3,000mm
    New Product Supply