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PSE Division (Plant Special Equipment)

In addition to heat exchanger manufacturing technology, essential to petrochemical plants, refineries, and various industrial plants, East Valley TNC/TN Tech has
developed manufacturing technology of PTA reactor, a key system in semiconductor processes and fine chemical processes (poly-silicon special equipment),
based on expertise in manufacturing titanium heat exchangers for fine chemistry and nickel alloy processing technology.

East Valley TNC/TN Tech has successfully completed numerous orders with high-quality products,
leveraging our zirconium equipment design and engineering technology.

  • Application

  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger / Reactor / Pressure vessel / Tower

  • Production Capacity

    Product Capacity/Year
    Heat Exchanger 7,500
    Reactor 2,000
    Pressure Vessel
    (Deaerator & Tank Included)
    Tower & Column 1,000
    Total 13,500
  • Production Range

    Description Max Range/ Unit
    Diameter 5,000 mm
    Length 50,000 mm
    Thickness 150 mm
    Weight 300 Tons